Thursday, November 19, 2009

Carry on Grandpa

Tribute to Grandpa with the hats


The Family at the cemetery

Military burial

Steep hill in Laguna screamed

Dad with his family and cousins

The trinity

Friday, August 28, 2009

Leaving the Smithsonian...tear!

Where few people get to go...the top of the flag tower on the Smithsonians Castle.

The view from the flag tower

Mom and Ali both have red hair. Each one of us boys have blond to dirty blond hair. All growning up I thought I was free of red hair until I began to get facial hair...and noticed that my facial hair had a redish, orange, blond tint making it very difficult to grow any kind of respectable facial hair! This my attempt of a handle bar mustache and I was lucky to get the light just right for anyone to be able to see it in the photo.

Kayaking in the potomac with Georgetown in the background! I was just trying to keep up with mom and dad with there kayaking adventures.

More DC

Washington Monument at the top

Our Celebrity president...The most marketable president of all time! Maybe he can raise money to pay for his health plan.

Famous Statue

My Future College

Monday, July 27, 2009

Working and Playing in DC...more playing actually

William Messervy and I sailing on the potomac river. It was nice meeting up with William, it has been a while since the mission.

I got to go to a thing called video games live with Ashley and her sisters family. It was fun to see the gamers there and on the way out we found this lisence plate.

In front of my castle. The castle that I am learning the operations of the facility along with other building surrounding it.

Steak to stake. Me and L. Tucker (Garretts favorite mission companion). I had him over a dinner with steaks pops sent me. We then went to a musical the stake put on and Tucker knew everyone there.

The crazy weather of the east. Just started pouring rain randomly in the summer

The Smithsonian Facilities Management interns. We went to a way good Spain restaurant in the city for a goodbye to Angela.

The Smithsonian Zoo. A tiger behind me.

At the baseball game. The Nationals played the Padres. We got to go with some free tickets we aquired. We also got to see fireworks after the game, which happens every friday night.