Monday, July 27, 2009

Working and Playing in DC...more playing actually

William Messervy and I sailing on the potomac river. It was nice meeting up with William, it has been a while since the mission.

I got to go to a thing called video games live with Ashley and her sisters family. It was fun to see the gamers there and on the way out we found this lisence plate.

In front of my castle. The castle that I am learning the operations of the facility along with other building surrounding it.

Steak to stake. Me and L. Tucker (Garretts favorite mission companion). I had him over a dinner with steaks pops sent me. We then went to a musical the stake put on and Tucker knew everyone there.

The crazy weather of the east. Just started pouring rain randomly in the summer

The Smithsonian Facilities Management interns. We went to a way good Spain restaurant in the city for a goodbye to Angela.

The Smithsonian Zoo. A tiger behind me.

At the baseball game. The Nationals played the Padres. We got to go with some free tickets we aquired. We also got to see fireworks after the game, which happens every friday night.